Are black people less intelligent or is it just racism ?

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Available statistics show that Blacks are always at the bottom of any racial IQ test. While the Asians are always at the top of the echelon, they are closely followed by the Jews and then Latinos and lastly Africans.
Two opposing  views are that its due to environment and history while the other claims its due to genetics.
It is important to note that these IQ tests which puts one race ahead of another may have been one of the catalysts of white supremacy theory as well as racism.
What do you think ?
What accounts for differences in IQ tests results?
Are blacks innately less smarter or is it just racism ?'
Based on  this article from SwaliAfrica Magazine.

asked in Culture & Society by SwaliAfrica Priest
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4 Answers

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Very Interesting read. Its sad how low some people will go to put others down.
I've read some really deep research papers done by white people just to prove that blacks are dumber. I mean deep research.
All the time used. Just to prove another race is intellectually inferior
I hope they remember Africa is the home of ALL HUMANITY. One Love People
answered by Afua Berko
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So what happens to me. Im from Morocco but not black lol.
Seriously! These White  - Africa comparisons dont cover the northern African area.
الرجل الأبيض و مشاكله . والله يسلم أفريقيا من
answered by Salma Youssef
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Yeah. Kinda. That's why there's even a further classification by Sub Saharan and Saharan Africa. This points out the divide between historical black and non - black Africa.
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I think its not issue of skin color. Wich statisitcs show this? and who was the group who was asked?
answered by Szilard
Outside Africa
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I think, we are not less intelligence as proved by the statistics. The case is that, we the blacks looks down upon ourselves in different ways when we had an encounter with the whites. Probably, this has been the case of our less intelligence. We think they are superior than us due to colonialism and the treatment our fore parents received.
However, I would like to think that if we stop attributing superiority on them, we will not think of racism but coequal.
answered by Arrow Febiri
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