What are western countries doing to the African continent ?

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Developing, Exploiting, Exchanging,
asked in Culture & Society by kan clicksmiler
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Kan, Maybe you can provide more info but heres my thought.
  • Developing - Many western companies that came to Africa during the "exploitative colonial times" of each individual African country did have some positive impact in terms of development. Although many also had negative influence like ignoring their effects in the environment.
    There are also the countries that came afterwards that corruption chsed away. e.g Richard Bransons Virgin in Nigeria and the many Mugabe is still chasing away unessecarily.
  • Exploiting - Simply because we give them the chance. Take a look at China's activity in Zimbabwe
  • Exchanging - This is a good point. Absolutely no case  comes to mind. frown. Strange. I guess Africa has just been used a lot through history.
answered by Kwame Kojo
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thanks Mr. Kwame Kojo, your responds are practical, but actually i intended to know the effects in this present times. (21st century )