why does racism not exit in Africa?

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1. most blacks who leave africa for studies abroad, complain of racism. i as an individual have experienced that several times. its very common to hear blacks citing incidence of racism here and there, while abroad, an ralated discrimination acts from western countries, especially Americans.
2. never have i heard of it before, a "white man" citing racism as a challenge for being in Africa.
    does it means that we cant discriminate over race?
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Clicksmiler, you may want to work on the spelling. Its hard to fit your post together when spellings are wrong.
SO! Why does racism not exist in Africa?
Heres one of my experiences. I once was on a long queue to pick my mail at the post office. This white guys strolls in and just has the guts to go to the front of the line. Everyone kept quite until one black guy who seemed to travel abroad  alot started shouting at the white man and sayina that he wouldnt try such nonsense in his country.
Well the black man has learned to worship the white man. Period!
Most Africans see a white man (oyibo) as a special being. They let them get away with breaking the law, see their skin and style as more attractive etc. When a people percieve another people this way, its easy to be nice. So yes Africans are generally nice to white people.

On the other hand, the racist white man views black people as lower beings (that are polluting their land). That way its easy to exhibit hateful behaviuors.
Its just sad that this is the way the world is. The worst part is when black people exhibit hate towards other black people
answered by Ekene Udo
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Whites are exalted in Africa, I think. Some people see it as an upliftment  in status to be recognized with a white man. despite recognizing that whites have exploited Africans, what most africans harbour for he white is basically admiration.
answered by Habeeb Kolade
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In my opinion it exists there too unfortunately, and this is my own experience. Otherwise generally its an induvidual issue. thus untill these person dont find each other, they cant mean big problem.
answered by Szilard
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