How much does nigeria contribute to US/UK/Global box office earnings?

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Hello everyone. I just got into an argument about reactions to the recent Suicide Squad in Nigeria.
So it got me thinking.
What percentage do we (Nigeria Cinemas) really contribute to the US box office? 2%? 1.5%?
asked in Business & Entrepreneurship by Ejrio Akpofure
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2 Answers

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Visit Box office Mojo. I think they have the contributions based on countries.
Let me know if you find what you're looking for.
answered by Tracy Melisizwe
South Africa
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I was able to get a link i think may be the exact fit.
Look into
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I strongly doubt if there is any reliable data on this.
Im not even sure if this applies to what you are asking but here. Check this out
answered by Phillip Dumisani
South Africa
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Thanks Sir but the link you sent seem to refer to the individual box office values of the countries. What im asking is how much Nigeria contributes on an average to US/UK box office earnings . Thanks anyway