Major differences between African-American people & African people

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So Im Nigerian, but based in the States. Overtime ive seen a disparity between African American people and And Africans. Most of the time its Africans who scream the difference (& infact sometimes dissociate). So i wanna ask - WHY ?
What is it about both cultures thats so different ? They both look alike and most countries wont tell the difference.
asked in Culture & Society by Ekene Udo
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Africans and Black Americans share a common not-too-distant history. However, if you compare an African and an African American in their current status, you might quickly discover that the only similarities they share are the colour of their skin and their heritage.

In several circumstances, a black American is more similar to a white American than he is to an African. This is because an African American would likely have had little or no touch with his African heritage and so would only know as much as a white American about Africa. Many African Americans do not know any African language, are unaware of key issues about Africa and in several cases may have never set foot on Africa before.
answered by Habeeb Kolade
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