Don't you think slavery / colonialsim turned out OK in the end?

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I mean if it weren't for slavery, African Americans probably wouldn't be here enjoying the good sides of being in the states.
Plus colonialism helped develop many regions of Africa taking them decades ahead. From mud huts to concrete buildings, better healthcare etc. Yes i know for some countries it was a terrible experience but hey overall, what do you think ?
asked in Religion & African History by Amarachi Uzoma
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3 Answers

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I wonder why or how anyone will ask this. Whatever benefit was gotten from slavery ccould have been gotten from trade. It could have been an exchange. It didnt have to be slavery. If one weighs the good & bad, the bad outweighs the good. See how far back the African race has been thrown.
answered by Sekai Sekai
South Africa
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Without any doubt, the influx of colonialists into Africa helped open up a lot of opportunities we may have not identified or be too slow to identify. But then, it's more like the parable of the thief who broke into your house to steal the money you dint know you have. You may either thank the thief for helping you realize you have this money or curse him for stealing from you and torturing you in the process.  I hope this my proverb worked.
answered by Nia Tendaji Sule
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As you would later realize, Africans were actually productive without he europeans and there is no fact backing the notion that innovation would have been slow without Colonialism. In fact one of the detriments of colonialism that the strengthened oppression of Africans by fellow africans as well as the segregation of women to menial works rather than owners of profitable resources.
answered by Habeeb Kolade
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