Should African schools stop teaching in English ?

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Tanzania has stopped using English in schools choosing Swahili. Ghana is about to follow. Should African schools stop teaching in English ?
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I am  studying in China. In the Chinese education system, from kindergarten to high school the medium of instruction is Chinese and English is  just as an ordinary subjects. however, despite being taught English as a subject in schools, you will find that most of the students still can not communicate in English when they reach the university. And this makes it hard for them to communicate with the foreigners or do other more important things. I am not saying that English is that much of an important language; but what if it is?

Right now, Out of 10 Chinese students you meet, you are likely to find that only one or two of them can at least communicate  in  English and the rest of them sad. And if you ask those who can speak in English where they learned it, you know what they will say.... "they had private tutoring". and believe me, in China right now there is plenty of English teaching jobs. Maybe before, the Chinese people did not know the importance of English and now that they have known, everybody wants to learn English and every parent wants their child to know how to speak English and they pay a lot for it.
If the Africans countries really want to follow the trend of not teaching in English, well, I cant stop them but in my opinion, its going to cost them 'a lot' in the future.

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