Would it be racist to have a White Entertainment Television for Africa's white inhabitants?

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Africa's population is mostly black (obviously) but has a quite a number of white people living here.
Some white people have their near ancestry woven with africa like in south africa while others are just visit/live here. If black people have in USA have BET and it isnt considered racist. Will it be racist if white people in Africa or even in the US have a  White Entertaiment Television ?

asked in Entertainment by Ejrio Akpofure
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This is a tricky one. Firstly Black TV or black networks came about because generally blacks were not represented in televsion back then. So they decided to create thier networks.
The issue I have is related to what one of my white friends telled me. Why should people of color have special televsion.White people have every right to be upset about the TV networks that focus black people. There are channels that show a lot of white people but those channels aren’t called "White  Network.“ 
answered by Zuri Ibrahim
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Well I asked what if whites in Africa had a White network
All you've said is about why white people should be upset with black networks.
Well. I think theres too much focus on color today. Like I said the black TV was a result of resistance.
Any of that today is either racism or reverse racism. Black, white , purple should watch all television.
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It depend on the material being televised. Im just curious though. Why will any white person whether non-african , in Africa or of mixed African descent like you said want a white televesion channel.
The entire media is all white.
In Africa it makes sense that majority of the channels are televise black stuff (HEY its africa). But lets even leave the domain for a second. There are prmarily black this and that like TV, scholarships , colleges because as a race, slacks have been denied  alot. Did you know before the 1960s/70's blacks in the US werent allowed to be enrolled in regular collges ? All the US had were channels that wouldnt play black entertainment material like music.  BET had to rise to it. Like Zuri said, black TV was a result of resistance.
The list goes on & on.
So even if its pushed for, i think the material will decide
answered by Ekene Udo
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It will be a proffessionally stylish medium of promoting and advertising Africa's rich culture and heritage to further stamp Africa in the minds of viewers across the Globe..
answered by anonymous  
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What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. While ordinarily, there should be nothing wrong with whites in africa having a whites only tv, just as blacks have blacks only tv. But then, something somewhere in our mind tells us something would be wrong with a whites only tv. I feel being victims of racism is not an exclusive right of the blacks. Blacks can be racist too, and preventing white people from doing their thing is racist.

But then, why the need for all these segregation, especially when there are no special needs by the parties.
answered by Nia Tendaji Sule
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Quoting Nina Simone......"If you are white you don't get to decide what racism is". Which is like saying only the blacks (racially discriminated ones) should decide if its racism or not. Maybe that's why BET is not considered racist. What you guys think?
But in my opinion, I think its okay as long as the contents in that "Whites Entertainment Television" does not lead into further racism.
answered by freckie
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