Would the introduction of skill acquisition programs in our school make up for the low standard of our education?

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Several skill acquisition subjects have been added to the curriculum of secondary school students leaving students with a much more cumbersome school syllabus.
asked in Education & Career by Obi Amadi
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I think skill acquisition majorly works fine for empowerent so that students can find extra sources of income. But in the case where a lot of people are learning similar things, the frequency of that income becomes limited by competition.

However, it is important to note that skill acquisition should only be secondary to the primary aims of the student in te school. Students are primarily in school to obtain knowledge, training and skill in a particular field, and thus the education board should rather focus on ensuring those students graduate with the best trainings possible to make them successful and innovative in that field.

Skill acquisition thus can be conflicting to the progress of the student in his field of study, but I also think that it is fair to provide students with an extra lifeline, especially since it's looking rather difficult to fix the educational system.
answered by Habeeb Kolade
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I opine strongly the introduction of compulsory skill acquiring courses (Painting, Aluminium Windows and doors making, Welding, braiding, paint making, bead making and so on) in Nigerias Education Curriculum from Post Primary to Tertiary level.

These courses will equip Graduates with the needed skills to conquer fear of idleness in their quest for paid employment; and substitute same with early exposure to hand work, craft and skills that will enable Us make informed decisions in embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit in choosing our paths to greatness knowing that Entrepreneurs built Europe and the Industrial revolution we hear of; not white Collar Workers
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